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S.P.E.A.R. Security System, which stands for Surveillance, Protection, Enforcement and Armed Response, is the very latest offering from Pearl Group. S.P.E.A.R. focuses on providing the absolute best when it comes to security - whether it is highly trained and skilled premise guards, armed personal bodyguards, or top end security equipment, ranging from metal detectors and X-Ray scanners, to highly sensitive Explosive and Toxic Agent Detectors. Apart from security, we offer a range of allied services, such as Facilities Management, Housekeeping, Fire Marshals, Visitor Management Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems etc.

All of our services are backed by our deep focus on technology integration. We have Artificial Intelligence enabled ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Systems, Facial Recognition Systems, Biometric and RFID scanners for access control, GPS modules for Geo-fencing, Ultrasound and Infrared Motion alarms, Cloud based Visitor Management Systems and a lot more. Our comprehensive suite of services is completely customizable, so we can tailor and offer you the best fit for your needs.

Building on our group expertise of over 26 years in the skilled manpower and equipment industry, we work tirelessly around the clock working on your security, so that you don’t have to.

Our Services

Physical Security

We provide Armed and Unarmed guards, Bouncers, HVTP (High Value Target Protection), Trained Sniffer Dog Squads, as well as the equipment required, such as X ray scanners, CCTV cameras, Metal detectors, Chemical detectors etc. Our mobile QRTT (Quick Response Tactical Team) patrols our areas of operations, and can provide additional backup if needed. All our staff undergo rigorous training with ex-military servicemen, and are trained in soft skills for visitor management as well.

Facilities Management

Comprehensive Facilities Management includes Housekeeping, Janitorial Services, Plumbing, Gardening, Landscaping, Electrician Services as well as maintenance of HVAC systems. Whether commercial complexes, retail malls, industrial areas or housing societies, we offer the entire gamut of facilities management under one roof, with skilled and trained employees, focus on grooming, uniforms and safety.

Visitor Management Systems

We have tied up with multiple smart software based Visitor Management Systems to offer you the flexibility and the suite of features that you need. We offer data capture from visiting cards/government IDs for faster visitor processing, face capture, printed pass generation, SMS OTP verification, RFID cards for access with in-out logging etc. All our guards are well trained on the VMS deployed.

School and Student Security

We realise the importance of vigilant security around sensitive areas such as schools, while also understanding the need for privacy and ensuring safety of data. For educational institutions, we offer comprehensive CCTV coverage, with long term cold storage of data. RFID cards for students to log in and log out of campus, with automated SMS being sent to parents, as well as updating school database. The same is implemented in school buses as well. Biometrics for teacher attendance. GPS devices on school buses to track location, issue warning alerts in case of speeding or rash driving, setting Geo fences to raise an alarm if the bus goes out of authorized areas, secure log in systems for schools to access this GPS data. Additionally we also provide male and female security guards for campuses and buses. With us, your institution and your students are comprehensively protected, and their privacy is respected.

Fire Marshals

We provide Fire-fighting systems, with customized solutions depending on the need of the site. Our Fire Marshals are thoroughly trained – and their number 1 priority is preventing fires. They are also trained in crowd control, emergency evacuations, handling of the fire equipment and dealing with small fires. They follow detailed checklists to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and functional, emergency exits are well marked and unobstructed, fire drills are conducted at set intervals, conducting safety inductions and training and performing a fire risk assessment of your site.

Tech-Integrated Security

Integrating cutting edge technology provides a multiplier effect for security. We have advanced AI machine learning based Facial Recognition Systems, Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Systems, Biometric scanners for access control, RFID integrated access controls, visitor mobile verification OTP systems, GPS tracking modules with Geo Fencing and driving reports, multiple types of CCTV systems, motion detecting alarms, incident log tracking databases. All of these are closely woven with the physical security services that we provide, to ensure holistic, comprehensive 360 degree security solutions, customized to your needs.

Deep Experience

Backed by almost 3 decades of expertise in skilled manpower supply and over 4,000 employees

Tech-Enabled “Smart Security”

Tech enablement multiplies the effectiveness of security, through integration with Facial Recognition, Biometrics, RFID, Number Plate Recognition software, Visitor Management Software, GPS

Focus on Quality and Safety

Special Training by our qualified trainers and Ex-Services experts, NSDC qualified. ISO 9001:2015 certified. PSARA license holder

100% Compliance

Complete Compliance with all National and State Government Laws, Acts, Certifications and Licenses

Cost Optimisation

Our strong relationships across the industry allow us to get better prices from suppliers, and we pass on the cost benefits to our customers

Unparalleled Service

100 focus on client satisfaction, instant response time, Completely customizable deployment solutions. Our team is available 24x7 to ensure any and all requirements are met


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